The story of Achilleas; a donkey from Patmos










WARNING The following rescue story contains images which some people may find offensive or upsetting.


Many of our Facebook followers will already know of Achilleas (formerly known as Luke) the donkey and his story. For those who don`t here it is

Achilleas was a donkey who belonged to man in Patmos who is renowned for abusing his animals - in fact the local animal welfare society, Mondo Cane were already prosecuting Achilleas`s owner for the terrible neglect of two of his dogs. Achilleas had served his purpose and was no longer required, so his owner took him to a secluded place, hobbled him with wire and left him no food or water so that he would eventually die. Luckily for Luke he was found, completely exhausted, dehydrated and emaciated, but still clinging to life. 




Above Achilleas when he was originally found and rescued


Below The hoof was severed and infested with maggots




He was taken into the care of Anna Florentis of Mondo Cane Animal Welfare Society, where he was built a small enclosure with shelter. There is no vet on Patmos and the small animal society have no facilities for a donkey, but with expert advice by email from overseas vets and a lot of love, patience and nursing, Achilleas has managed to survive his terrible ordeal. The wire hobble had caused horrific injuries and had severed the blood supply to the foot as Achilleas struggled to move out of the blazing sun and to find food or water, and infection and maggots had set into his foot and leg.Shortly after his rescue his entire hoof came off and the prognosis for his survival was very poor. Anna nursed Achilleas day and night, keeping a photo diary of his terrible injuries and slowly but surely got him stronger, making him a brace under instruction from an American vet, so that he could use his leg a little and move gingerly about.


Below the very disturbing image of Achilleas`s hoof having dropped off as a result of his injuries



When CARAT heard about Achilleas terrible ordeal we first asked Barbara if she could help give Achilleas the future he so deserved - a happy retirement with other donkeys for the rest of his days. She instantly agreed, so we contacted Anna and asked if it would be possible, when he was fit to travel, that he might be allowed to come to Agia Marina Donkey Rescue, Barbara and Fanis's sanctuary for abandoned, unwanted and abused donkeys that CARAT supports in Crete. Anna readily agreed, and so while Luke concentrated on the job of getting himself better, the wheels were put in motion to find a way of getting him the very very long way from Patmos to Crete. Thanks to the help of Yiannis Vassiliou's equine transport company Achilleas finally left Patmos on a ferry last Sunday, escorted by Anna to Athens where he rested in stables for a couple of days before resuming his long journey to Crete.

Below Achilleas shortly before travelling to Barbara




Finally Achilleas arrived at Agia Marina Donkey Sanctuary and his travelling days are over. He has a thick soft straw bed in a cosy barn and so many new friends to meet! Achilleas`s life starts now, and we are so pleased to have been able to help him on his way. CARAT funded Luke's transport and will continue to support Achilleas in his happy ever after. Thank you to everyone who helps us to help animals like Achilleas, without all of you these happy endings would not be possible   


Below Barbara happily greeting Achilleas before settling him into her cosy barn :)



Below Achilleas on 27th Nov 2014 receiving his daily treatment from Barbara




Achilleas continues to improve thanks to Barbara`s loving care....and is even becoming a little cheeky, nipping her bottom when he has the chance!


CARAT would once again like to express our gratitude to our friends and supporters for making all this possible and of course to the wonderful rescuers.....

Anna Florentis of Mondo Cane  in Patmos who did a fantastic job when she first rescued Achilleas

Yiannis Vassiliou who organised Achilleas safe transport from Patmos to Crete

Barbara and Fanis Doulyeraki of Agia Marina Donkey Sanctuary in Crete for agreeing to take Achilleas and for caring for him so attentively since his arrival




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