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R.I.P Lady Anne Herries

Paul Loader - Tuesday, December 02, 2014





Lady Anne Herries


It is with great sadness that we report that Lady Anne Herries died on Tues 25th November 2014. 

She had been a very generous support of CARAT's work for many years and gave a wonderful home to some 25 rescued Greek donkeys and 2 horses. 


Gwen’s relationship began almost by chance many years ago. Anne's sister, Lady Mary Mumford, whom Gwen knew from her previous connection with another animal welfare society called her one day late summer 2003 and Gwen happened to mention that she was looking for homes for several rescued donkeys. She had already re-homed a number in the UK but her options for new homes were running out. Mary immediately responded, saying she was sure Anne could help. The reply to a phone call the following morning was “of course” and “how soon can they come!” Right away John Laden, our representative in Salonica (in Northern Greece), who had been responsible for the rescue of the donkeys arranged blood tests, health certificates and travel papers ...and so six donkeys and one horse came to spend the rest of their days at Lady Anne’s beautiful estate, Angmering Park in Sussex. All had suffered neglect, beatings and near starvation; some also had damaged spines from carrying too heavy loads for too many years. To come from the harsh deprivation of Greece to stables heated In winter, access to lush grass, sweet hay and, importantly, treatment by a competent equine vet, farrier and dentist

… not to forget abundant TLC from all the staff at Angmering Park... must have seemed a veritable donkey paradise!! CARAT cannot find adequate words to express its gratitude for the care and love these donkeys receive. A final comment from Gwen.....”on one of my visits I learned a useful tip. They loved ginger nuts and were very adept at knowing where to find them!”

Our sincere condolences go to Anne’s family and friends. She was a kind, generous and compassionate lady who will be greatly missed by all who knew her. 



Below a picture of Barbara from Agia Marina Donkey rescue with Agapi & Mavrouka 2 of 4 lucky donkeys that came from Barbara to live with Lady Anne here on the south coast


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