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Paul Loader - Tuesday, December 16, 2014





We are very pleased to announce that a few of the animals we have been sharing as looking for their forever homes have managed just that in the past few days and found what we hope to be their life long companions :)


In this blog post I would like to share which ones have found homes and which ones are still looking



It is with great pleasure the first dog we ever shared on our new website Stella, has found her forever home :)
She has been waiting for 2 months for the right family to come along and boy have they  :)
Below is a picture of Stella in her new home :)




 We will be posting updates as and when we receive them :)



The very beautiful Candy has also found her forever home where she also will want for nothing :)




Sadly the beautiful Soulla is still looking :( Can you make her Christmas wish come true?




The equally adorable Nugget & Midge are also still hoping for a Christmas miracle



So are Elpida and Arthur. We at Carat say you havent lived until you have lived with a pointer :)





The cats have also done well this week :)


With Emily













 ALL finding homes :)




Unbelievably Diablo

is still looking for a home. Could you be the one to remedy this???

As always a massive thank you to everyone who has opened their hearts and their homes to these wonderful animals.
 To everyone that supports our work and shares our posts

We couldnt do it without all of you xx


PS Special thanks go to the Animal Rescue Team

Who do great work and they made Soulla their dog of the week this week :)



Please keep sharing to give her the home she rightly deserves



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