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Elpida the miracle dog

Paul Loader - Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Caring For The Animals Trust


Today is a very special day that will live long in many of our hearts; for today Elpida the miracle dog came to her forever home in the UK.


Why is she a miracle dog I hear you ask? Well, for those of you unfamiliar with her story, Elpida is a Greek stray dog who really shouldn`t be here. 


Julie who runs Halkidiki Animal Rescue received a phone call from her husband on August 3rd 2014 to say he had seen a dog who had been hit on the main road that was obviously still alive. Julie dropped everything and rushed to see what had happened. What she found was not good...... in her own words..... "I drove to the main road and found her lying on the left hand side of the road by a blind corner. The task of pulling her to safety was a nightmare as oncoming traffic flew by. I kept waving my arms for help...over 30 cars passed me. A few slowed down but nobody stopped. I had to lift her over the barriers which are covered by brambles but I managed to get her into my car.

Elpida was in a critical condition and it was a Sunday when there is no emergency vet service in Greece, so unlike the UK there was no chance of her receiving any treatment other than that given by Julie.


Below is a picture of Elpida at the road side. I apologise for such a harrowing image.


Elpida after being struck


After Julie gave her first aid and made her comfortable Elpida made it through Sunday and on Monday she was rushed to the vets for emergency X-Rays. It was soon discovered that she had lost sight in her left eye from the trauma of the impact. She was unable to stand but showed she still had feeling in her feet which was of course a good sign. 


The following day she looked much brighter.


Elpida looking much brighter


This was the first time she had sat upright since her accident. We were all hoping for the best that she could make a full recovery.


One week after she was found left for dead Elpida sat unaided and when lifted she could stand for a few seconds.


Elpida sitting unaided for the first time


Elpida eventually made a full recovery although her hindlegs are still weak and she never did regain the sight in her left eye.


Today, after making the journey from Greece to the UK via the wonderful pet couriers Lynda & Julie from Thompson Pet Transport

Elpida finally met her new guardians, Michele and Dave, who already have two rescued dogs.

It is with great pleasure I can share the photo of her with her proud new parents :)


Michele & Dave with the miracle dog Elpida 



Here she is sporting her new girlie collar


Elpida pretty in pink


Im sure you now will all agree Elpida is a miracle dog.  Were it not for Julie risking her own life on the side of a dangerous road pulling her to safety we feel certain she would have died a slow and painful death from her injuries.


CARAT is proud to support Julie at Halkidiki Animal Rescue and we take great pleasure in seeing her hard work rewarded, to see dogs like Elpida saved and rehomed.


Your support is vital to help us help the likes of Julie in their rescue work.


Thank you Julie, Michele and Dave and all of you out there who care enough to try and make a difference.


Have a great life Elpida, goodness knows you deserve it xxx

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