Oratios was a stray from Athens. He was found wandering the streets having been the victim of a cruel and vicious acid attack that left him badly burned. The acid not only burned away hair and skin but also muscle as well. His condition was appalling, more so than I can describe, and it breaks my heart every day even now to imagine the pain and the suffering that this boy endured.

Someone who came to his aid was told: “remove that dog or it will be poisoned”, as they feared he was now contagious. Oratios found his way to the caring group of people that work at Nea Filadelphia Shelter in Athens, which is a shelter situated on the site of an old zoo, run by a lovely woman called Mrs Kiki. They do an incredible job there in very tough times but the local municipality refuses to allow them to build kennels or use the old animal cages which are located at the rear of the land. So sadly all the dogs that are taken there have their own outside kennel and have to live on a chain. The volunteers there though do an excellent job, and while he was there, Oratios was walked every day. However, after just a few minutes on each walk he would pull on the lead and be desperate to get back to his chain where he had learned to feel relatively safe. After he had been there for a couple of years, an offer of a home came forward for Oratios and everyone was so pleased that this boy would finally have the life he deserved, but one week before he was due to fly his about-to-owner owner became ill and could no longer have him.



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