Sex: Female  Age: 10 months old   


Size: 23kg  


Xena was found amongst a pack of large feral starving stray dogs in a remote area near Megara. She was just 8-10 weeks old and very thin. She was taken into foster for her own safety and finally got her chance to come to the UK.
Xena is 10 months old, medium sized, around 23kg, and has medium length fur. She is currently living very happily with 3 other permanent dogs and a variety of holiday boarders. She is also walked daily with a wide range of different dogs.....and she likes them all 🤗 She has a friendly and confident temperament, is fully housetrained and would be suitable to live with older children. She is still a pup so she can be cheeky and will run off with your undies or slippers given the chance! Xena travels well in the van, walks nicely on the lead and is very food-orientated so she's quick to train and knows her basic commands. The last couple of days she has been working towards going off lead and is responding really well on a long line. Xena very much looks to her doggy companions for guidance and so we would prefer a home for her with another dog.
Xena is fully vaccinated, bloodtested, spayed and microchipped.  






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