We currently support around 17 small animal welfare societies - sometimes with only one person caring for the animals' needs.  Their work is often undervalued and they desperately need help as they don't have time to canvass for funds or to run websites to find supporters.  The ways in which we provide support to them includes:

•  funding the sterilising of strays either individually or through campaigns with

   volunteer vets

•  encouraging neutering of pet animals - whose unwanted litters add to the endemic
   stray problem

•  rescuing abandoned or unwanted donkeys - saving them from the "meatmen" who

   sell donkeys for slaughter in Italy

•  transporting these donkeys (and sometimes mules and horses) to a new happy life in

    the UK or our supported donkey shelter in Crete

•  supplying trapping and surgery equipment and veterinary medications.

•  financing the re-homing of rescued animals from Greece to other EU countries

•  helping with building costs of stables, kennel blocks and clinics

•  producing leaflets in Greek for educational programmes - on "Care of the Donkey",

   "The Benefits of Neutering Cats and Dogs"  and  "The Danger of leaving Dogs in
   Hot Cars"


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Registered Office: 32 Cobden Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN114BD

For general enquiries, correspondence, membership etc. please contact: Linda Manley-Bird, 32 Cobden Road, Worthing, Sussex BN11 4BD

Saving Greek Animals is the slogon of Caring for the Animals Trust, registered charity number 1091152